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AlfonZo Rachel

When most think of the stereotypical politically conservative or right-leaning Republican, typically, they get an image of an old white man who probably owns his own business. When we think of comedic individuals, a Republican is probably not the first person who comes to mind either.

Well, turns out there is a political, social commentator who completely breaks these stereotypes. His name is Alfonzo Rachel and he is a black, Christian, conservative patriot who is a registered Republican.

He is most well-known for his video commentary show, “Zonation,” that can be found on “PJTV.” (Go to and type in, “Zonation,” in the upper right hand search box).


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“Zonation,” serves as Rachel’s outlet to humorously rant about American political news. His point of view is enlightening. Due to his background, the environment he grew up in and several other unique factors he provides a distinct point of view.

Rachel exemplifies the importance of publicizing more comedic, political points of view. These social commentators play a crucial role in forming the opinions of the American people. Watching CNN, Fox News or whatever your preferred news channel may be is a great start. Reading The New York Times, The Washington Post or whatever you choose to read is also essential in spreading information. However, these commentators create an outlet in which people are able to discuss and further think about how the news affects their lives in a personal, local and national manner.

People like Alfonzo Rachel, Jesse Watters and Steven Crowder (scroll down to read about these social commentators) serve an important role in America today. More people like them, and social political commentators in general, need to become more well-known. Whatever the point of view may be, it is worth being heard.



Has Bill O’Reilly Managed to Charm People?

It should come as no surprise that millenials would prefer to watch Comedy Central over Fox News. This continually preached message should motivate Fox to compete with this level of humor and popularity among Generation Y. Fox should try and start a satirical late night show in an attempt to gain a younger audience. Maybe try and find smart, funny people who possess qualities similar to Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert.

Well, guess what? It turns out, Fox News is taking a step in the right direction. The O’Reilly Factor has added a new segment to their show called, “Watters’ World.” The five minute portion generally consists of a young man, Jesse Watters, interviewing people on the street about various political topics.

Now, I realize that as soon as Bill O’Reilly is mentioned, millenials tend to cringe. O’Reilly is indeed an opinionated fellow who is not afraid to speak his mind- even if he comes off as kind of an asshole sometimes. Trust me, I get it. However, it seems O’Reilly is beginning to understand how to target the younger generation in a more appropriate manner.

Jesse Watters is a young man who’s dweeby charm makes him funny. He may not be stand-up-comedy funny, but his nerdy, nice guy appeal could be compared to Michael Cera’s character as  Paulie Bleeker in Juno. You know? The kind of twerpy guy who seems sweet and kind of awkward and that’s why we find them humorous. That’s Jesse Watters.


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Watters is the perfect candidate for this type of on-the-street interviewing for a couple of reasons. First off, he’s approachable. Standing on the street with his big dopey smile and perfectly tucked in polo makes him seem amicable to the general public. Secondly, he asks questions in a non-threatening manner. His tone is innocent and curious. You can tell he genuinely just wants to know how people feel about certain topics.

It’s funny that O’Reilly decided to hire Watters because O’Reilly is really quite the opposite. Between his sour-puss face, condescending tone and interruptive interview style, the two really could not come off more opposite. However, that’s where Watters succeeds.

Each segment, after the video is played, the camera turns to Watters sitting with O’Reilly in his studio. The way Watters just sits there with a constant grin on his face chatting with this intimidating, kind of mean, old man is just charming. The kid has unintentional charisma. And the juxtaposition of the two personalities is genius. So no, Bill O’Reilly has not managed to charm people himself, but he’s hired someone who can.

Check it out for yourself. New episodes of The O’Reilly Factor air on Fox News, Monday through Friday 8:00pm eastern time, 5:00pm pacific time. Or go online to check out video clips of Watters’ World.

What Kids Think About Redistributing Wealth

Normally, when people engage in political conversations we think of adults partaking in such an activity. This seems to be a logical assumption because we feel those people should be well read on whatever the topic is at hand, as well as properly articulating their point of view. Seems like a pretty common sense idea right? This may be true when debates of the details begin to arise, but when it comes to basic conceptions, children can be more reliable than we may expect.

You know how philosophers and intellectuals talk about the sincere wisdom that stems from childhood innocence? It is a common topic seen in, To Kill a Mockingbird, Lord of the Flies and other books that most of us were required to read throughout high school. The idea is that genuine innocence can foster brilliant ideas. However, once corrupted, that innocence is shattered.

Steven Crowder, a comedic, political commentator who is sadly underrated, demonstrates the wisdom of innocent babes and their take on redistributing the wealth in America.

Take a look at this video he made a few Halloweens ago:

So what have we learned? Well, to begin, children are hilarious. But, if we didn’t already know kids say the darndest things, Bill Cosby would be disappointed.

Additionally, kids make it pretty clear that it is kind of a ridiculous notion to ask those who have earned their wealth to give it away to those who haven’t. To clarify, charity, philanthropy and all of those do-gooder things are all wonderful duties that people should partake in. However, having the government redistribute the wealth in America is stepping over the boundaries of the government’s responsibilities. Rather than attempt to shrink the wealthy down to the poor, why don’t we begin to lift the poor up instead? Isn’t earning your wealth a whole lot more deserving and fulfilling than being given it? Crowder’s video really makes you think how modern American society functions.

Steven Crowder exemplifies funny political satirists who need to become more recognized within the political and social hemisphere in America. He is undoubtedly just as funny as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. The only difference is the latter gentlemen have a more accessible way to reach their audience than Crowder. Crowder’s name needs to become more popular along with many other political comedians. If you were amused at all, like or repost this video and check out his website:


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For more funny videos by Steven Crowder, check out his video on what the phrase “fiscal cliff” really means.