AlfonZo Rachel

When most think of the stereotypical politically conservative or right-leaning Republican, typically, they get an image of an old white man who probably owns his own business. When we think of comedic individuals, a Republican is probably not the first person who comes to mind either.

Well, turns out there is a political, social commentator who completely breaks these stereotypes. His name is Alfonzo Rachel and he is a black, Christian, conservative patriot who is a registered Republican.

He is most well-known for his video commentary show, “Zonation,” that can be found on “PJTV.” (Go to and type in, “Zonation,” in the upper right hand search box).


Courtesy of youtube

“Zonation,” serves as Rachel’s outlet to humorously rant about American political news. His point of view is enlightening. Due to his background, the environment he grew up in and several other unique factors he provides a distinct point of view.

Rachel exemplifies the importance of publicizing more comedic, political points of view. These social commentators play a crucial role in forming the opinions of the American people. Watching CNN, Fox News or whatever your preferred news channel may be is a great start. Reading The New York Times, The Washington Post or whatever you choose to read is also essential in spreading information. However, these commentators create an outlet in which people are able to discuss and further think about how the news affects their lives in a personal, local and national manner.

People like Alfonzo Rachel, Jesse Watters and Steven Crowder (scroll down to read about these social commentators) serve an important role in America today. More people like them, and social political commentators in general, need to become more well-known. Whatever the point of view may be, it is worth being heard.



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