Do Presidents Tally Brownie Points?

Over the years, people have questioned how much of an effect sponsors, donators and people who financially support any given president have on the man in the oval office. When it comes to the president making decisions about appointing certain people to certain positions we must wonder, do these fiscal sums add up? Do presidents keep a chart tallying how much money so and so gave in support?

Recently, Obama has appointed a few new foreign ambassadors who seem shockingly under qualified.

Sounds like a lot of “ums,” “uhs,” stutters and general uncertainties to me. I am not an expert on any of these foreign countries by any means. But, I’m not trying to become the ambassador for any of them. As Juliet Eilperin said in her Washington Post article said, “There is no specific requirement that ambassadorial nominees, whether career or political, have visited the country in question…But nominees are often fluent in the country’s language or have some connection to the region.”

Now, Obama is not the first president to elect political allies. In fact, working with allies is generally a smart move. This is a common trend. However, this occasion is truly alarming. My personal favorite line from the whole thing is when Senator John McCain sarcastically said, “I have no more questions for this incredibly highly qualified group of nominees.”

So what does all of this mean? Should people who want to run for a future ambassador position assume they must financially support whoever happens to be the president at the time despite their actual political feelings? Will they need to perfect their teacher’s pet skills in order to gain such a position? I certainly hope not. But as long as King Obama remains in power who knows how many gold stars and demerits he’ll give out while still in office.

Here’s an article that best explains the new appointees. 


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