What is a Millenial?

The term “millenial” is being used quite often these days to describe young people. But, what exactly does the term mean? Who are they talking about specifically?

Well, according to Wikipedia, a millenial is any individual who was born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s. They are also known as “Generation Y.” “Generation X” refers to any individual born from the early 1960s to the early 1980s. And “Baby Boomers” include any individual born between the years 1946 and 1964.

The infographic to the left  describes what being a “millenial” means. (for a larger, more extensive version click here)

As millenials, we embrace technology. Social media and smart phones are second nature to us. We are the most formally educated generation in American history.

Last week in my PR class we were assigned to create an infographic. I looked at tons of examples for some creative ideas. A few infographics sparked my inspiration in creating my own. After some additional research, I decided to make my infographic based on how news sources should target millenials.

So how should political figures, news channels and news sources gain the attention and support from millenials? Humor. Clear and simple. Make us laugh.

You see, news is generally negative. It’s just a fact of the nature of the news. However, having the ability to poke fun, make jokes or laugh at such topics makes news more enjoyable and memorable.

50 percent of millenials get their news from television. And surprise surprise! 60 percent of us watch The Daily Show while 53 percent watch The Colbert Report. Never would have guessed.

But here’s that catch. Most people trust news sources like CNN and Fox to give us the facts of the news. However, a majority of those viewers do not always agree with the manner in which that info is given to the public. The ways in which people form their opinion on news issues is a different process. And social commentary shows like The Daily Show play key roles in shaping such opinions; especially the opinions of millenials.

So, when given the task to create an infographic of my own. I decided to show how millenials prefer that their news be dispersed with humor.

Courtesy of Shaina Hayutin

Courtesy of Shaina Hayutin

Here’s the thing. As effective as The Daily Show and Colbert Report are and have been, they only provide two points of views (both that of Democratic ones). Their is quite a myriad of political view points out there in America. Ranging from conservative, republican, democratic, liberal, statist, libertarian, green, constitutional, independent, populist, socialist and a whole lot more. These points of views need to be heard through the millenial ear. These view points need to speak up. If they want to grab the attention of the millenial generation they’re going to have to utilize the same tactics Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert seem to have mastered. That’s how my generation is going to listen. More importantly, that’s how they will form their opinions. They just need to hear those perspectives from someone they will listen to.


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