Batman Technology May Be the Future of News Consumption

Remember watching Batman when you were little and being fascinated by all of his gadgets? Between his bat-mobile and utility belt, he seemed to always be armed with super cool technology.

In particular, he had a wrist watch that he could talk into to communicate with Lucius Fox- Wayne Enterprise’s resident tech-geek. Back in the days of watching Batman, we thought these gadgets were just fantasy. Turns out, technology is becoming so advanced these days that those gadgets are becoming a reality. 

In the past, such smart watches have been used as notification centers or bluetooth devices for smart phones. However, technology is gearing towards making these smart watches equipment that is independent of smartphones.

“Omate TrueSmart”  and “Neptune Pine” are among the first within the smart watches scene to work independently. Both are android devices that are changing the way in which people receive their information. Considering these fully functioning devices are smaller and can be worn on the wrist, it makes for an easier, user-friendly experience.

This technology has the potential to be groundbreaking. The possibilities in store may be endless. In terms of news consumption, this proves the game is ever-changing. News outlets are just beginning to figure out how to adjust their methods to reach their intended audiences through smartphones and social media. The whole idea of becoming “mobile first” is quickly turning to an even smaller scale.

News sources must use this to their advantage. They must ensure their audience continues receiving their news through appropriate measures while receiving the same full experience. Whether it is in a newspaper, on television, on a computer screen, a smartphone or a smart watch, these news sources must be capable of fitting to the appropriate outlet.

Who would have guessed that fantasized, super hero technology would become a tangible product in the real world? If news sources do not take advantage of this new technological gear, they are in danger of losing its key audiences. And as Batman would say to any of his defeated nemeses, “I guess the real joke is on you.”

So, moral of the story: take advantage of the ever-changing world of technology. Your audience will appreciate it and Batman will be proud.

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