Really Rand…Really?


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So apparently politicians are even dumber than we thought. Rand Paul just joined Snapchat; case and point.

Not only can our political leaders rarely accomplish what they need to in their own field, now they’re trying to publicize their unsuccessful stories through even more unsuccessful strategies. Brilliance has really reached an all-time high.

Here’s the deal, social media has the potential of reaching exact target audiences in ways some never thought possible. However, if used improperly, loss of those imperative audiences is likely.

Social media should be used with the intention of targeting the users of such social media sites. Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign exemplifies how to properly utilize such tools. Not only did he appropriately operate Facebook and Twitter tactics, but also he gained the support of celebrities that millennial’s pay attention to. Getting people such as Jay-Z and Beyonce to support him in the media did wonders for support from youngsters. The fact that he generated so much backing that such stars voluntarily backed him up was priceless.


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In 2008, Russell Brand hosted the Video Music Awards. Brand voluntarily urged the American public to vote for Obama,“on behalf of the world.” He also called Bush a,“retarded cowboy,” but that’s beside the point. What public do you think watches the VMA’s on MTV? I know, my first guess would have been retirees too. But, shockingly, we’re wrong. Turns out, MTV’s target audience is 12-34 year olds.


Getting back to my point, Obama brilliantly targeted his audience through an affective social media campaign. Since 2008, he has proved his skills have somewhat become out of touch, but that’s a whole different rant I can go on in another post.

Anyway, my point is that using social media in inappropriate ways can be dire for a company, brand or a public figure’s career. Rand has already had some bad publicity since he was accused of plagiarizing…twice. So why would he want to run the risk of using improper PR tactics? I mean I get it, if I wanted to be taken seriously my first thought would be to download an app that is notorious for sending dick pics too. But then, I’d like to think my second thought would be a bit more reasonable. But, hey I’m just spit balling here.


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