#GetCovered is #NotaRealincentive

If anyone has been paying attention to the news the last couple of months, it really cannot be argued that the rollout of Obama-care has been less than stellar. Not only has the website had major flaws, but the details of the 2,000 page bill have started to filter out to the public and some are not too happy.

The Obama Administration continues to attempt to convince the American people the Affordable Care Act  is a positive thing. They keep saying that three million people have signed up, but they have failed to mention if those people actually have the coverage and if it has been paid for. In terms of PR tactics, the President is doing a wonderful job ensuring his bill sounds much more appealing than it has turned out to be.

In reality, over six million people have already been thrown off their insurance. The bill mandates certain requirements in the new insurance policy that should not be necessary for every single individual who signs up. For example, all you fine men out there who are oh so anxious to receive your necessary mammograms don’t have to worry! Obamacare’s got you covered! Funny how the President continues to say how efficient it will be for the individual. That may make it sound more appealing, but the fact remains that it’s a false claim, and the American people are beginning to realize this.


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See the problem starts with a few simple facts. One being that the bill has 11,000 regulations. Obviously everyone has the spare time to read the whole document. It’s not like the American people spend their time working, going to school or with their family’s anyway right?

The second is the fact that Obama is stepping beyond his designated powers. Under our American form of government, legislation is written by Congress and enforced by the executive branch. Once laws are already written, the President does not have the authority to change those laws. Obama seems to think our form of representative democracy translates to a monarchy. Why is this true? It is because he has unilatterly changed the Afforable Care Act 21 different times. His own bill, after it was approved and set into legislation, has been changed on 21 separate occasions. Apparently, Obama thinks he’s king. Not only is he overstepping his constitutional authorities, but he is distorting our form of government by negating the balance of powers. The self-proclaimed king is setting such a wonderful example for future presidents.


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So how is all of this affecting young Americans? Well, the Obama Administration is doing its best to target young people. You see, the ACA will not function properly if not enough young people sign up because it needs the youngin’s to pay for the older folks whose need for insurance is more urgent. Considering there are no real incentives for young people to get covered through the ACA,  Obama should receive major credit for his sad attempts. Here are a few examples:

A spoof of Snoop Lion’s (let’s be real we all know him as Snoop D-O-double G) “drop it like it’s hot” video.

The oh-so-spot-on-not-at-all-steroptypical-or-insulting “brosurance” ads.


Courtesy of Got Insurance

Celebrity endorsements (because they obviously know best):

The tactics to target young people goes on. However funny, appealing or entertaining these strategies may be for young people, millenials should not be making their political decisions just because they thought an ad was funny. And as convincing as some of these ads may be, the fact remains that there is no real incentive for young people to sign up for Obamacare. If young people don’t sign up, they only have to pay a fine of $95 or one percent of their income. Additionally, they can receive their healthcare elsewhere. And if you don’t sign up and then get sick, you can sign up then. There is no urgency for millenials to sign up for healthcare.

Jimmy Kimmel explains it perfectly.



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