What Kids Think About Redistributing Wealth

Normally, when people engage in political conversations we think of adults partaking in such an activity. This seems to be a logical assumption because we feel those people should be well read on whatever the topic is at hand, as well as properly articulating their point of view. Seems like a pretty common sense idea right? This may be true when debates of the details begin to arise, but when it comes to basic conceptions, children can be more reliable than we may expect.

You know how philosophers and intellectuals talk about the sincere wisdom that stems from childhood innocence? It is a common topic seen in, To Kill a Mockingbird, Lord of the Flies and other books that most of us were required to read throughout high school. The idea is that genuine innocence can foster brilliant ideas. However, once corrupted, that innocence is shattered.

Steven Crowder, a comedic, political commentator who is sadly underrated, demonstrates the wisdom of innocent babes and their take on redistributing the wealth in America.

Take a look at this video he made a few Halloweens ago:

So what have we learned? Well, to begin, children are hilarious. But, if we didn’t already know kids say the darndest things, Bill Cosby would be disappointed.

Additionally, kids make it pretty clear that it is kind of a ridiculous notion to ask those who have earned their wealth to give it away to those who haven’t. To clarify, charity, philanthropy and all of those do-gooder things are all wonderful duties that people should partake in. However, having the government redistribute the wealth in America is stepping over the boundaries of the government’s responsibilities. Rather than attempt to shrink the wealthy down to the poor, why don’t we begin to lift the poor up instead? Isn’t earning your wealth a whole lot more deserving and fulfilling than being given it? Crowder’s video really makes you think how modern American society functions.

Steven Crowder exemplifies funny political satirists who need to become more recognized within the political and social hemisphere in America. He is undoubtedly just as funny as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. The only difference is the latter gentlemen have a more accessible way to reach their audience than Crowder. Crowder’s name needs to become more popular along with many other political comedians. If you were amused at all, like or repost this video and check out his website:


Courtesy of patdollard.com

For more funny videos by Steven Crowder, check out his video on what the phrase “fiscal cliff” really means.


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  1. Great points Shaina. The innocence of children has played a major rule in important political and human rights decision, especially in the Brown v. the Board supreme court case. I have never heard of Steven Crowder before but he is hilarious and I see the point he is making. Although the redistribution of wealth is more complex than taking candy from children, the way he delivers his message is perfect and using children to make a point has come up recently in advertisement as well with AT&T’s commercials. Its interesting to see if this tactic continues to come up and the role innocence in children in our society.

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