The millennial generation is tired of politics. The word alone is intimidating and bothersome to most young Americans. We are sick of hearing about the debates between Republicans and Democrats because it seems the two parties can find no compromise, middle ground or effective legislation to tackle the big problems. Thus, millenials aren’t exactly prone to reading a newspaper or watching the news until some disaster strikes. Even during a disaster, old media is not our primary choice for information.

Today, the ways in which most young Americans receive their news is through social media. But, how reliable can Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and similar sites really be? Considering there are no ethical or journalistic standards demanded of those on social media, the reliability and credibility of tweets and status updates are at best marginal.

Second to receiving updates on their phones, millennials turn to Comedy Central. The only other way they seem interested in politics is when it’s coming from the comedic mouths of Comedy Central celebrities like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.


Do you know why my generation would rather turn on Comedy Central than Fox News? It’s because these two gentlemen know how to talk to us. They can relate to us, they speak our language, use our expressions and know the people, music and kinds of topics that we follow. They use humor and wit to explain what’s going on in America. They communicate in an intelligent, creative manner. They are very good at what they do not only because of intrinsic comedic talent, but because they are well-informed, knowledgeable social commentators who know how to target an audience properly.


My goal is to use satire and comedy to grab the attention of my generation with a different point of view. I want to present the facts to allow people to decide for themselves. My generation needs to wake up and realize that the decisions being made in our government by a bunch of old people WILL affect OUR future. We must become knowledgeable about American politics, stand up for out liberties and own our future.


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